Pond Supplies/Equipment

That Pond Place

Q: Do you need something for your koi pond, water garden, or water feature?

A: That Pond Place has it

That Pond Place is stocked with a wide selection of pond supplies and pond equipment.

  • Fish Foods and treats for all seasons
  • Water treatments, clarifiers and purifiers, beneficial bacteria
  • Aquatic plant care, containers, plant food
  • Pond filtration for small or large ponds, pond skimmers
  • Pond pumps, air pumps, ultraviolet clarifiers, fountains
  • Seasonal items, pond netting, pond de-icer, low temperature foods
  • Pond lighting, submersible lighting, color changing pond lighting
  • Pond liner, PVC pipe, pond plumbing and connections
  • Pond predator deterrents, heron decoy, alligator decoy, swan decoy, owl, scare tape, more..

For the DIY pond keeper or the professional pond builder; That Pond Place carries the pond supplies, pond equipment, pond materials, pond fish, and pond plants you need.