Aquatic Plants

Pots with water pouring out of them surrounded by flowers

Aquatic plant selections at That Pond Place are amazing! Beautiful hand select aquatic plants are the best way to beautify your koi pond, water garden or water feature. Enjoy the water purifying qualities of the plants too.

  • Water lilies - pinks, yellows, whites, reds, more
  • Lotus flower -white, pink, yellow
  • Tropical lilies - purple, blue, yellow, red, night bloomers
  • Hardy marginal plants
  • Floating plants
  • Submersible plants
  • Pitcher plants
  • Aquatic flowering plants
  • Patio plants
  • New aquatic plant selections arriving weekly

The aquatic plant selections at That Pond Place are locally sourced and grown in our effort to support local commerce and provide our clients with plants well acclimated to local conditions.